Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIWW {What I wore Wednesday}

This is my first time linking up to What I Wore Wednesday, so I only took 2 picks this week :) 

This was Monday :) I was feeling super gross so I just threw my hair into a sock bun. Can I just say that the sock bun was made for moms with lots to do but still want to look cute? Yeah, they are genius. 

All my clothes are either from Goodwill or another kind of thrift store. I like to be different and not spend a lot of money. Soooo, I can't really tell you where my clothes are from :) Ah well, I am sure you get the idea without needing the brand :)

I can tell you, however, that the book clutch I sported with this outfit was Hint of Vintage :)

This was Wednesday. I can't say I would have worn these sandals if my husband wasn't pressuring me to hurry up so he could take the picture and leave for school, but hey, they are cute any way I guess. 

So those are my two days worth of what I wore :) Maybe I will get better at taking {aka, not so lazy and actually get ready so that I can take} pictures for next week. 

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