Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finished chair upholstery

If you think this blog will have any sort of structure, I hate to disappoint :) I have tried that before, and well...I stink at it. So really it is just a compilation of all my crafts, thoughts, and of course, my Hint of Vintage book clutches and shop info. 

I recently received this chair from a friend who decided he did not need it, and since I am a garbage collector (I have found all sorts of treasures on the side of the road!), and since I just recently reupholstered a chair in my living room, he figured I would be the one to want it. Naturally :) 

This is the state I got it in. He had already painted the bottom to match his office it was going to go in, and he had already finished the structure of it all and gave me the padding he had fit to it. So basically? All the hard part was done for me :)

Next, I wanted to find a fabric that was bright, but still went along with the black bottom. I found this fabric on sale at Walmart and I loved the bright beachie quality to it. 

Since I wanted it to look less like a homemade project, I added some ribbing to it. I just bought some 9/32" cable cord at my local Hancocks (I got the bag so that I could have a lot because I will prob use it again). Then I just cut the fabric in strips to wrap around the cord, and sewed right along the cord. 

I started with fabric on the back, and and then moved to covering the front. The ribbing came next which I used to outline the side of the chair as pictured below. Then I may or may not have hot glued a piece of fabric to each side of the chair to cover up the rough edges. (Hey, I never said I was a master upholster!)

And here is the finished chair :) I am pretty psyched about it! Next, I have a table that I need to finish to go with it. I will post pics on that too. 

I am going to finish this chair up by adding some water-proof and weather-proof sealant on the bottom half where it is black to protect it, and then some water-proofing on the fabric. I have some new tricks up my sleeve for my book clutches, and will need an area outside to work on it so now I will have a cute chair, and hopefully next, a cute table to work on :)

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